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Come out of Your Cave

Sitting on my living room floor as the morning sun shines through the windows. I sit and study, basking in the warmth of the sunrise. Then I get a revelation.

It’s time to come out.

It’s time to come out of the old place I’ve been living in.

It’s time to come out of the old location, and position.

It's time to come out of the debilitating mindsets.

It’s time to come out of the unbelief.

See, I was studying the Word and I came across the scripture where David had run and hid in a cave from King Saul. He was afraid and in distress. Then a prophet came and told David to come out of this cave. However, in another translation, the Prophet said, “Come out of this stronghold.” That ministered to me.

Many times our caves represent a stronghold. Our mountains represent a stronghold, our lack of growth represents a stronghold, our lack of faith represents a stronghold.

A stronghold is something strongly holding you back from being the Woman God has called you to be!

It can be a poor self-image, unforgiveness, hurt, trauma, a false belief. No matter how it comes about, many of us find ourselves in the cave of not being the Woman of our Dreams.

Years ago after failing from college, I was stuck with questions of what would happen to me, would I ever get on my feet? I was in a cave. God showed me that my perception of myself led me to that place, but He would use it for good. See, I had to repeat fourth grade twice. I was picked on for it for a while and I always felt stupid. So, in high school, I tried to overachieve, to prove myself, and when college came I did the same. Except for a big part of me felt like I didn’t belong, that I wasn’t smart enough to graduate. And that was exactly what happened. I failed my last class two times to obtain my bachelor's degree in biology, and I was shattered.

The mindset was my stronghold that represented a physical cave, a life of feeling stuck. Thankfully, God used that time for good and I grew confident in that season. I gained more wisdom and I embraced my purpose. Which led me to go back to college to finish. All because God sent a message for me to come out of my stronghold.

Today, I am sent to tell you to come out of the cave you’ve been in.

However, don’t just come out...address the issues, mindset, and pain that got you there in the first place. Address these issues with God and Be Free!

Come Out of Your Cave and Go into the New Territory that God has for You!


The prophet Gad said to David, “Do not remain in the stronghold; depart, and go into the land of Judah.” So David departed.”

1 Sam 22:5

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