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Come Out of Hiding

I remember a time when I didn’t even trust God for five dollars. See, I grew up in the struggle, my parents did their best, but at an early age, I knew the weight of unpaid electric bills, no running water and lack of finances. However, now it makes sense that God tested me in this area. I would sit in fear wondering how I could pay my rent, I’d cry, then work all night and somehow still nothing. I just couldn’t get ahead, weeks would go by and fear would grip my heart.

My bills where way more than the money I was bringing in each month and day after day I’d feel stuck. Wondering who was going to save me?

The real awakening came when I faced the truth... that no one was coming to give me more money, no one was going to change my spending habits, and lastly, no man was going to save me. Once I realized this I had to trust Jesus to teach me how to come out.

Walking by faith is all I could do. I had to fight to keep my trust in Jesus. Taking daily steps by making a decision every day that was better for me.

Many days I felt like I was drowning, however, God showed me I may have been sinking, but I was never drowning, because He never left me.

I’ve learned over the last 7 months, that God will not just deliver you from all your struggles,

He will guide you through it,

He will give you the knowledge,

He will teach you lessons and

He will show you how to come out, just in case if you ever end up in that same place or situation you will know how to get out again.

God will not let you drown and if you feel like you are sinking, just know you are on the Holiest of Grounds because God is doing a New Thing inside of You! He is teaching and transforming you so hold on, you are going to get through it and one day you’ll look up and that childhood struggle, that broken heart, and that hard place are actually going to be what makes you even greater.

Stop Hiding Your Struggle and Come Into Your Purpose!

It's Time to Come Out!

John 11:43

"Then Jesus shouted, “Lazarus, come out!

The man who had been dead came out”

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