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Choosing Your Dream!

We all have a dream a goal or a desire we would like to reach. No matter what season of life, we all can grab ahold of a new dream or regrab a dream we let go of.

Our dreams come from an inner desire that says “I want more, I am not content with where I am Today”

When you find yourself at this season in your life this is the time to start Planning For Your Dreams. You Must Remember Your Dreams or Goals will not poof into existence, you have to make steps towards them daily.

So, Answer These Questions to Identify the Dream you must go for!

  • What Dreams Have You placed on the backburner because of life?

  • What Dream do you avoid thinking about, because facing it kind of hurts?

  • What Dream have you pushed away due to fear?

  • What has changed about you since you last pursued the dream?

When you answer these questions you may feel like nothing has changed, but inwardly you have changed. Planning for your dream may be you embracing a dream you put off years ago or deciding to go in a new direction. Sometimes we can plan each day, but not fully working towards our dreams. So, instead of sticking to the normal to-do list it is time to spice things up with your dreams.

Go after the dream you thought was to big or the dream you thought was to impossible to reach or the dream you thought you weren't smart enough to acheive! Yes, go after that one.

Your Dreams Matter, and They lead you deeper and deeper into Your Purpose!

Stop Sleeping on Your Dreams!

"And who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

Esther 4:14

Love and Blessings,

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