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Celebrate Progress

Summer has officially started for the year 2020. You may or may not have hit your fitness goals you set for yourself before outside slowly peaked open. I want you to know that it’s okay.

If you hit your goals, great! I’m proud of you. If you became discouraged along the way, too unfocused, too busy battling your mental health that you forgot about the right thing to eat, I want you to know I’m proud of you, as well.

Sis, I understand, there’s a lot happening out there in the world. I have writing projects I thought I would have started by now. I ate pizza 3 times last week. I had chips and queso knowing I need to slow down on the cheese. I was doing a good 4-5 workouts a week in May, but for the past month, if I get one workout in I’m doing good. However, I’m learning in this season to not condemn myself. We have enough going on around us that we shouldn’t also feel guilty about expectations we gave ourselves. 

Celebrate your progress. Appreciate where you are. If you made it, great. If you slowed down, you did something. If you went backwards, don’t worry, you can make new decisions tomorrow. Learn to pat yourself on the back. Be okay that you took a nap instead of overworking yourself. Be okay that you snacked and watched a movie instead of sautéing those vegetables. Find joy in your discipline when you worked out despite the fact your city is still in quarantine. Be proud that you listened to music and danced instead of wallowing in your emotions. Be graceful if you found yourself irritable for no reason. Shake the shame off if you grieved your cancelled prom or graduation. Take a deep breath if you went to journal what’s been on your heart and still had nothing to write but the date at the top. If all you did was become self-aware with where you truly are, you did a good thing, you made progress. You’ve made steps to be better for you. You took care of the person looking back in the mirror. Let’s not add to our mental space by being frustrated with things beyond our control.

Be comfortable telling yourself how acceptable you are. You’re amazing! Every step, every decision, every day, acknowledge the progress you made for YOU. Not your friends, not for the outside world, not for the gram, but you made progress for you in some form or fashion because it’s what you needed. That’s where you put your focus. Your small step of progress today looks like a leap of faith to someone else. Never forget the silent eyes watching. Never forget the God who has supported you every step of the way. Never give up and there will always be progress to be acknowledged.

That progress you found in today is what will push you toward your destiny.

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan

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