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Breakthrough with Fasting

Months can go by and I begin to feel this pull too fast. Many times I try not to adhere, due to what is required during a fasting period. Fasting is abstaining from food, or certain types of food, for a certain period of time, and that makes me cringe. Especially when I am so hooked on my morning coffee and routine.

However, I always submit to this pull of fasting and begin to pray over myself days prior so that the Holy Spirit can empower me to get through the fast. Also, I believe that, just like how angels ministered to Jesus during his fast, they will do the same for me.

Fasting has led to many changes in my life. But it’s not the food (or lack thereof); it’s that power that comes from it.

Imagine a clogged up drain...nothing can get through and it’s just standing water. This is usually how we are spiritually; we are clogged up with ourselves, our views, our hurts, our struggles, and our beliefs. When we fast, we get cleaned out, we get refreshed in God's spirit, and the once-clogged-up person is now open and ready for the revelation of God.

Fasting is what makes a shift in our walks with God.

Fasting is what will break open the doors that have been shut to you.

Fasting is the key to breakthroughs in our lives.

In fasting we get to a place that we are so desperate for more of God that we will sacrifice food or certain types of food for a certain period of time. This act of sacrifice, no matter what, is the significance of fasting. Sacrifice is revealing that we are desperate for more of God.

What we experience today is not enough.

What our beliefs are today is not enough.

Where we are mentally, emotionally, and physically today is not enough.

Fasting is for those of us that desire more! The more of God we desire shows up when we are willing too fast, when we are willing to lay something down that we desire a lot for more of God.

I hope you see that food isn’t what brings power in a fast. It’s your sacrifice to get more of God that places you in a position of excellent alignment with God.

When you feel the pull too fast, embrace it, God is getting ready to breakup traditions, rituals, routines and shift you into something new!

Breakthrough with Fasting!

Weekly Scripture

"But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting."

Matthew 17:21

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