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Have you heard “Boss Up”? This is a phrase we use a lot to encourage ourselves or others, and in reality, “Boss” and “Authority” have very similar definitions...“a person who is in charge or in control”.

Today I will tell you to “Boss Up” and/or “Take Your Authority Back”, whichever one connects with you more. In reality, I'm telling you the same thing. This is your time to take charge of the areas of your life that have been taking charge of you.

First, we must stop waiting for the perfect season or “God’s Timing” when many times we are actually in the right season, and “God's Time” is something we don’t know. But when it all comes together, we just know in the moment that it was God. For example, for the past seven months I thought of getting office space, and for the past seven months I've been trying to get things in order for graduate school. Within ten days of each other, I got the keys to my new office and I got the acceptance letter I’d been waiting on.

Second, we must get some seed in the ground. Meaning, take authority by deciding you won’t just wait but actively pursue. When you have work, prayer, and faith all in the ground, you are getting ready for your harvest. There's never a perfect time to work. The time is now. The work and dreams you put in the ground will reap a harvest tomorrow. I walked into God's timing by just believing and continuing to move forward in faith with daily work.

Third, we must “Boss Up” in our lives. Meaning, stop waiting for some outside source to open doors or help you, but start helping yourself. Start the prayers, applying to the schools, studying more, and putting in the action needed for your life. “Bossing Up” is all about you no longer waiting on God to step in and realizing He already is in. He’s just waiting for you to Boss Up.

Weekly Scripture

"If you wait until the wind and the weather are just right, you will never plant anything and never harvest anything."

Eccl. 11:4

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