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Sitting in the living room getting wisdom from my Mother about a thorn in my heart, when I realized I have been looking at it all wrong.

Each of us may walk around with a thorn in our hearts. It could be an old lover, past deed, or regret. Regardless what the thorn is, it pricks us and brings us to our knees. Day after day we pray over this thorn to be removed, but it still lays there. Even as we grow and live that thorn still will pop it's head in and prick us once again, reminding us of all the pain it brings. Have you ever lived with a thorn? Have you ever felt that if God would just take it away you would be a better person or could do all that God has asked of you?

Many of our thorns are tied to fear?

Fear of moving on.

Fear of letting go.

Fear of the unknown.


If we are not careful we will let the fear hold us captive. The thorn isn't meant to hold you hostige it's meant to blossom you. It is meant to awaken you to the pain, but to also reveal to you all the beauty. The painful moments reveal to us when we are in the presence of true beauty.

How do you bloom with a thorn?

Some of the most beautiful flowers have thorns. The thorns are a form of proctection. Have you ever though that maybe your thorn is way of God protecting you? Maybe keeping you from getting into a new relationship to fast or keeping you from making bad decisions without his guidance. Thorns hurt, but they are there to protect. Gods protecting you through your thorn. Without my thorn I may not cry out to God like I do. Without my thorn I may not get on my knees before God. Without my thorn I may not have a reverence for God. Without my thorn I may feel as if I no longer need Him. Without my thorn the Speaker, Youtuber, Blogger, and Woman of God would've never been produced.

I know the thorn hurts and at times we can get overwhelmed that we no longer see the beauty that has come out of it. Your thorn is meant to help you blossom into the woman God has called you to be.

God will use your thorn to bring you back to Him night after night.

God will use your thorn to heal you in other areas.

God will use your thorn to shower His mighty love on you.

Dont allow the Hurt to make you bitter, it's meant to make you blossom. You must choose how you use your thorn.

I am rooting for you and God is with you.

- Morgan Tracy J.

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