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Believe for Your Dream

Sitting in the airport waiting for my connecting flight, I see countless people wearing masks and awaiting their next destination. I remember being a college student wanting to travel the world and speak, but had no idea how to make that dream a reality.

I sit in this airport getting ready to travel to another city to speak to women all about God, and I can’t help but feel a major joy and awe. The joy and awe come from remembering how that dream that God put in my heart over nine years ago is really starting to come true.

I remember living my life broke and confused, hoping somehow this ministry would birth greatness. I believed that God put a message in me so powerful that it could help women or “set the captives free”, as I would say. It dawned on me that for years I didn’t realize I was captive to my past traumas and relationships. I didn’t even know I was walking around with chains on my mind and my life until God set me free. It was then that I knew what I wanted to do for others.

Sitting in this airport going to another city with my Bible and notes, I realize that the faith walk will never get easy. I prayed for this and I’m still nervous, I’m still doubtful, I’m still wondering if I can deliver for God's Daughters. After six years with over 200 videos created and countless weekly devotionals, I still doubt and wonder if God will use me powerfully.

It all reveals that no matter how much we move forward in our walks with God and see our dreams come to pass, it will still require faith.

I just want to encourage any woman out there who feels like her dream is so far away and she doesn’t even know if she’s on target to reach it…just do one thing each day towards that goal/dream. That was my motto in college, and now I am hours away from hitting the stage and encouraging women through the word of God.

I dreamed of this, I prayed for this, I doubted this, I got discouraged, I cried, I wondered if God forgot about me, and somehow in all that doubting and in all that wondering and in all my feeble ways, God did it!

Keep Believing For Your Dream, Daughter!

Weekly Scripture

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud."

1 Corinthians 13:4

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