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Behind in Life

Feeling behind in life? Are you a college drop out? Are you living at home with your parents? Maybe you are working a dead end job? Well, many days I've found myself feeling behind in life. Especially, when I saw all the amazing Instagram posts of old friends, living amazing lives and prospering while I am still living in the same home since High School.


I know the feelings of unworthiness and being stuck. Day after day I would ask God to help or just for an opportunity, but nothing. I would push past my depression and make myself have a semiproductive day. However, over time I began seeing beauty in this season of being "behind in life". My responsibilities were pretty slim, I was single which meant no extra energy was going into dating, bills were little to none, and how I had the freedom to create, dream, and do it all again.

My "behind in life" season became my prospering season. A season to build me up in faith and dreams. To flourish in the things that made me feel fulfilled. Although judgment was still present and also, the fear of what others thought about me still plagued my mind, I insisted on doing it the way God placed within my heart.

No, longer upset with my life, but opening my arms to all God wanted to give me. No longer saying "why me!" instead I began saying "I am glad I Hit the bottom, the only way is up"! Instead, of waiting for God to open a door I ran through all doors that lined up with my niche. Some failed, while so much prospered.

Being behind in life only meant I took a less traditional route and followed the pull of God. Although the route had more valleys than hills, and it required many financially stuck weeks, I gained trust, hope, and created things I loved with the little resources I had.

I no longer was "behind in Life" I was following Gods path for my life and that may not make sense to the natural eye, but it makes all the sense to God! May you see that you are not behind in life, but that you are on the exact path God has ordained. May you have peace in the season and grab ahold to all God wants to give you.

In our lowest moments, we shoot back up more strengthened and determined to find fulfillment. Find that in God and He will direct you to the new places.

- Morgan Tracy J.

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