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Answer The Call Again

Sitting on my living room floor attempting to talk to God and it seemed like nothing would come out. I wanted to tell Him all my hurts and fears, but at that moment I felt nothing. Just emptiness, and then I realized that life had made me forget the Call.

Life struggles, lack of finances, long to-do lists, and heartbreak all had hardened my heart to the call of God. I felt nothing and no longer wanted to give any part of myself away. I just wanted to protect myself.

I realized that the call I answered years ago was ongoing.

The first call was when I gave my life to Christ at 19 years of age.

The second call was at age 22 when I left a long-term relationship to go after God.

The third call was when I was 23 and said “yes” to the Ministry. And recently, at 26 years old, on my living room floor, I answered the call of God again. The call to surrender. To pick up my cross and carry it daily. To decide that no matter what, I would still keep going with God.

This Call will ring for each of us, but not so loud like a cell phone, but subtle, like a heart's desire for more, but a fear of the unknown.

I challenge you to answer the call, the path, and the decision He is leading you to. It’s actually because there is something far better if only you’d believe Him.

Today, I am happy that we serve a God that continues to Call. A God that continues to shout our name in the busyness of life and lead us back into His loving embrace.

Our God will never stop Calling and He desires for each of us to answer the call again.


"Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion."

Hebrew 3:15

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