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Another Day

Watching the bright morning sun shine into my apartment. I can’t help, but be thankful to be alive. To have another chance to do something amazing. To be a blessing, to be blessed, to help, inspire and live a full life.

This hasn’t always been my mindset, see recently a revelation of life hit me, while laying on my couch.

A day after work, I was tired and knew I had a lot of ministry work waiting for me. I finished my 9 to 5 to come home and do my 5 to 9. and well, I was exhausted. I’m laying there kind of complaining about this week and I said “Tomorrows just another day”. And then I heard within myself…

“Tomorrow is not just another day and you are not just on another week. Each day you rise is a new day with no name and endless possibilities, and a great opportunity to live even better than the day before. Yesterday is gone and all that is, is today. However, you cap yourself off, you seeing it as just another day, removes the awe that each day actually holds. It's not just Monday,Wednesday, or Friday. Each time the sunrises it's a new day you were granted to see and experience. If you wait to be happy, or less busy in the future you may never make it. You woke up, you are here so show up and make today amazing"

This was an eye opening experience. I realized I was just trying to get through the days instead of embracing the days. Now, I rise with gratitude. I rise with seeing the new days as a great opportunity that awaits my decisions and choices to define how it’s going to be. 

So every morning I rise and see that bright sun shining into my home, that's my sign to know that I only get one chance at this day and I'm going to make it count!

Today, see this as your only chance and show up. Show love, patience, joy and be a helpful hand. Today is not just another day, it’s all you got, so give it your best!

"Great is his faithfulness; his mercies are new every morning."

Lamentations 3:23

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