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After You Mess Up

Have you ever experienced a mess up that felt like their was no return for you? Well, I have and to be honest I learned a lot through the experience. I wish I didn't go through it, but since I did I gained 3 truths from it.

The First Truth is that You Can't Fail God.

After seven years of embracing purity, I failed. I truly put aside wisdom and found myself in a weak moment and then I felt like I failed God. Going from seven years to starting over at day one, I was devastated. I remember crying for days, feeling like my life was over until God whispered these words to me "You Can't Fail Me"! This soothed me but I needed proof, after different Bible stories from the Prodigal Son, Peter, and many more I realized that I messed up, I had fallen, but I didn't have to stay there.

The Second tip is that The Truth will Set you Free.

For months I set in fear wondering how to move. I asked questions like "should I take my book off the shelf?" "How do I move forward?". After experiencing all this questioning the Lord told me to share it. I was afraid and timid. I was headed to speak at a conference and the Lord expressed to me that I had to speak about this purity fail. That was the message of the night. As fear gripped my heart, I knew I had to be obedient. I released my truth and struggles... and somehow it blessed many. The valley I had walked through God used for good.

The Third Tip is that God will Redeem You!

After I released that word at a conference I felt the freedom I had been needing. I was no longer ashamed and the enemy didn't have me bound to a secret that haunted me many nights. Sharing my truth, I walked back into the Love of God and closer more intimate walk with God. Even in the fall God used it to bring me closer to Him.

I share these tips not to encourage you to fall, because I cried many nights and added many more scars to myself due to my lack of wisdom. However, I wanted this to encourage you to get back up after a mess up and get back to God. Don't allow the enemy to keep you in shame about your past mistakes.

Face the truth and move forward in faith.

Weekly Scripture

"Taking her by the hand he said to her, “Little girl, I say to you, arise.”

Mark 5:41

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