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Adulterous Woman

Imagine, to be remembered as the adulterous woman…that’s pretty harsh, right? Well, in the Bible we come across a scene where a woman was caught in the act of adultery (where is the man?).

The Jewish leaders bring her in front of Jesus and everyone, which causes more shame and guilt. They ask Jesus about the law and how they are supposed to stone her. Well, this is when the story gets good. In those days the woman had no rights, no voice, and was subjected to laws made by men. But here is a man that will show the world something new.

Jesus Stands for You!

Jesus stands up from kneeling and says, “Whoever has not sinned, cast (throw) the first stone at her”. Slowly everyone begins to drop their stones and walk away.

Afterward, everyone left, and she and Jesus were the only ones left. He said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more”.

When she was left with Jesus she got a personal encounter of His love. Not this super religious guy like the Jewish leaders. Jesus didn’t judge her under the law. He decided to love her through grace.

Grace says, “I won’t cause you guilt or shame nor will I punish you. I will save you and love you”. Jesus saved the woman's life and loved her in a way her eyes had never seen.

How many of us have been here?

How many times have we done things that caused a weight of shame and guilt? The enemy is quick to place all our wrongs in front us and cause us to believe we can’t find mercy, but we can. I was her, a woman lost and full of shame.

A woman that felt unworthy to be loved by God.

A woman who never thought Jesus would want to come close to her.

But, He broke through all my religious beliefs, traditions of my life, and He showed me love in ways my eyes had never seen.

He saved me from dead-end relationships, trauma, wrong turns, and much more. It was through Him no one cast a stone at me.

Maybe we need to be reminded that this is still our Jesus, and the Lord we serve.

He is the same forever and I hope you are happy to know that...

He will come for you.

He will go against the crowd for you.

He will meet you where you are.

He will pour mercy on you.

And He will always save you.

Even if you are an Adulterous Woman!

John 8:11

“Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Now go and sin no more.”

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