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A Time To Be Alive

As we rise today, we must only have words of gratitude. This day is a day of Overcoming. We must reflect on our own lives to see the power of Jesus and how He has given us the ability to overcome through His sacrifice.

As I reflect on my life I see the Power of Christ at work. I look back on the young woman who was hurt, lost, confused, and shattered. I believed I could put myself back together, but God knew I needed Him. As I reflect on my life and Jesus's life that was taken for our sin. I can't think of any other words but Thank You.

In Christ, we are truly given an opportunity for a new life. As I type this I sit in my office, crying tears of joy. I couldn't be where I am today, without His blood. The blood set me free from my own captivity. The blood cleansed me from the perversion that lived in my mind. The blood transformed me and took me out of a life of sin. The blood held me in my darkest hour. The Blood He shed was Love.

His loves covers each of us! Today, all I can say is thank you for your love, Jesus. Thank you for giving me a New Life!

If you need Jesus today for a New Life... Repeat this prayer with me:

Lord, I need you more than ever before. I need you to be my God and my friend. I believe you died and rose again. I believe that you can bring new life to me. I believe you have better for me. Lord, I pray that you will become my Lord, my Saviour, my friend and that I may find rest, peace, hope, transformation and love. Thank you, Lord, I am ready to be yours.


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