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7 Years of Prayer Journaling

In 2014 my sister gifted a blue journal that said,"Be You" this journal would become my gateway to prayer journaling. It's not just long lists of names and wants, but its your very hearts song plastered on the pages of your journal, day after day. A journal is the place that catches your highs and lows. It knows when you are offended, feeling far from God, afraid of the future, unsure about a decision or lacking clarity for your life. Your journal will catch the tears from the heart break, the emotions that you can't quite get into words, but that pours out of you into multiple run-on sentences.

Your journal isn't only a place to pour out your heart, but to also be poured back into. We must decrease, and God must increase, and the journal is where I come to decrease, where I get all my fears and emotions poured out so that God can have an open willing vessel to pour back into.

In the seven years I've been prayer journaling what I've gained the most is Jesus, without making it a super religious act, it turned into a place that I show up daily to meet with God by doing at-least one of these 7 prompts.

1. Prayer Journal about your Emotions

2. Prayer Journal about your Fears

3. Prayer Journal about your Future Self

4. Prayer Journal about your Goals

5. Prayer Journal about your Insecurities

6. Prayer Journal about your Needs

7. Prayer Journal for more Gratitude

What I want to share with you on your personal journey, is to grab a journal and don't hold back, write whatever comes to mind and if nothing comes to mind just wait, until the Lord drops a word, an idea, or a memory. As you began to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit you will began to see your hearts song, you will see all the amazing gifts stored inside of you.

Now I want you to flow in your Prayer Journaling, I want you to pour out and to release all things and grab ahold to God. So, instead of feeling anxious, depressed and or confused, why not try this little daily habit that could turn into a place you go daily to meet God.

Meet up with Jesus daily so you can experience His comfort, His embrace, His love, His peace, His joy, His power, and His grace. Even when I was lost and without a vision, He would give me new ideas, new dreams, and hopes that turned into more faith and produced all of this!

Keep going Daughter, the ones that win are the ones that never give up on their walks with God!

Weekly Scripture

"He must increase, but I must decrease."

John 3:30

Sign Up for the Flow Prayer Journal Challenge here

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I absolutly agreed! I've have been journaling for several years and it helped me so much. Sometimes is hard to say the things the I'm feeling, its easier to write it down. And I'm so glad that God doesn't ignored those writing prayers! He always answer! Plus, with my journals, I got a place to register the answers of God and come back to it later, when I need to remind myself of how great He is!

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