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6 Years Later

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Sitting down at my desk while hearing the rain hit the pavement. I can’t help but think how refreshing rain must be to the dry parched earth. I think of the time when I was dry and parched in my life due to living in sin. See, many people have their mountains that they can’t quite get over. For me it was sex. I was a saved Christian that had a form of Godliness, but this one thing I couldn’t give up

I would say “no more Morgan” then weeks later found myself laying in the arms of a man. This was the only place I felt safe, secure and loved. However, God continued pursuing my heart to give it over to him.

I decided at 22 years-old to embrace purity until marriage. Truthfully, I didn’t know over 6 years later I'd still be on this journey.

Although, my ideal timeline did not go as planned, something amazing happened, something bigger and greater than I could ever imagine and it was His Daughter’s Closet.

Making the decision to embrace purity, didn’t just change my dating style it changed my life. I went from the broken young adult, in heat looking for any man that would give her attention, to no longer needing the validation of being sexy or desired. I have come to the realization that things changed in my life, when I released my mountain of sin. 

That mountain hid all this potential, dreams, and possibilities for my life. I realize today that one major decision was the turning point of my walk with God. I went from looking for the man of my dreams to becoming the women of my dreams. 

Purity was the key to opening the door for my better version! This one decision was the key to my deeper walk with God. I was saved, I desired God, but I still had a mountain clouding my view all of the purpose God had for me. 

I want you to be encouraged if you’ve been on this journey for 5 seconds, 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years, birthing takes place when we surrender. Surrender your mountain to God and watch Him birth something amazing out of You! I mean six years, no sex, but built an entire community of women to Hunger after God! This sacrifice has been worth it and now I know I am worthy of so much more thanks to Jesus Christ.


"She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her."

Prov. 3:15

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