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5 Ways to Revamp Your Space

Your purpose is connected to your atmosphere!

I’ve learned that when my creative space was unorganized, a mess, and just in plain shambles, my work ethic, my vision, and even desires were in shambles as well.

See, I know that environment can affect your mood.

In simpler terms, it can throw off your whole vibe. 

Imagine yourself waking up to a tidy home, pouring a cup of coffee, and sitting down in a clean place of solitude and enjoying the sunrise with some prayer journaling. That sounds so relaxing to me! Now, imagine that same morning, but dirty dishes are piled up in the sink, that mound of dirty clothes is still on the floor, and all of your coffee mugs are dirty. Not quite the same vibe, is it?

Our atmosphere can either benefit our purpose or hinder it. So, I want to share with you the five things I do to Revamp My Creative Space!

1st Get Organized

Everything that is out of place or doesn’t actually have a place of its own, focus on those things. Old receipts? Get them put away or filed. A thousand sticky notes? Sort them and clear out all that has been accomplished. If possible, find better places for things that seem out of their element.

2nd Small Purchase

Make a small purchase of something that can benefit your creative space. Maybe you should invest in a planner and get rid of all the sticky notes, or maybe you need a new mouse for your computer because the old one has been giving you problems. I recently purchased a phone holder to go on my desk while charging, and a new mouse pad for my computer. These little purchases made a huge difference!

3rd Jam Out!

Focus on playing worship music, upbeat music, and some of your favorite tunes. This really helps me on weekends when I want to sleep in. If I get up and turn on some music, I'm most likely to beast out my to-do list. Remember, your purpose can’t flourish in a bad atmosphere. You must feed yourself good, nutritional substances. Like sermons, motivational messages, encouragement for your vision, etc.

4th Prayer

If you’ve noticed that you’ve had trouble working in your creative space lately, I'd encourage you to pray over it. You can have a spirit of discouragement or even just a lack of passion. I pray over my space and to-do lists especially on the days it’s a bit harder to get things done. God can get you so deep in the zone that you even forget to eat and you are working on the thing you was resisting.

5th Just Create

This is the whole reason to revamp your creative space. I didn’t say, “plan” to create. I mean you actually sit down and create the thing you were planning to create! I know our perfectionist ways can chime in and say “NO, not today!”. But yes today! Go ahead, your creative space is ready, now create!

Over the years my creative spaces have transformed and I know they will continue to do so! 

Be faithful with your “little” and God will give you “much”!

Start Creating!

Watch Me Revamp my Creative Space!

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