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5 Things I've Learned from my Morning Routine

Mornings can turn into a rush. Throwing on clothes and heading out the door, but in the last 7 years of walking with God, I've realized that mornings are meant to be embraced and not rushed. Each new day is a new day of opportunities, a new day of hopes and possibilities.

Although, we do have mundane schedules we still can wake-up with a heart of gratitude and a desire to experience a greater today than yesterday.

I've seen how a commanding my morning has really set my days apart even when I worked a full-time job, in college, or the time I was broke and living with my parents. Each season of life I've tried to implement a morning routine and I've realized 5 major things that helped transform my Morning Routine.

First, the Morning routine is for the Better You!

I know this sounds crazy since you really want to sleep in and get an extra hour of sleep. However, a routine will lead you to taking charge of your day instead of your day taking charge of you! You will start your Morning by speaking life over it and building up a heart of faith. You will be proud of yourself because you are choosing the better version you.

Second, A Morning routine gets your heart right with Jesus.

Creating a daily time to journal, pray, read the Bible, draw, or read a daily devotional can really help you get your eyes focused on Jesus. It can allow you to deal with all the worries and anxieties of life. Starting the day with Jesus keeps you connected to your source.

Third, A Morning routine feeds you good food.

When you wake up in the morning you want to be feeding your soul good food. From affirmations to the audio Bible, to sermons and more. This is a key way to get your mind and heart in one accord and focused on the possibilities in this day. The more we read or hear the Word of God the more revelations we will receive from it. Instead of starting the day scrolling, start the day taking 15 minutes to feed your soul good holy food.

Fourth, a Morning routine clarifies your life.

Have you noticed early in the morning with a warm cup of coffee your mind is it's quietest? That is an open opportunity to hear from God and what is needed in your life. It's a chance to petition your questions and get answers. It's a chance to be reminded of what you are meant to be working on in this season. It's a great opportunity to get the clarity needed on how to move forward. I personally use my mornings to plan for the ministry.

Fifth, a Morning Routine brings you Joy.

I know you've noticed the days you've been in a rush and felt overwhelmed, versus the days you rose early, had your cup of coffee, read your devotional, did your makeup extra good and put on an outfit that made you feel absolutely beautiful. The differences are natural, but we do experience spiritual shifts inside of us as well when we neglect taking care of our needs and ourselves. A Morning routine can boost your mood and allow you to see the beauty in your day that you previously would overlook.

Lastly, I want you to know that It is not vain to take care of you. I want you to not beat yourself up if you skip out on your routine for a day or a week, but just keep trying at it and know that your routine is specific to your life, your needs, and your responsibilities. Each new day is a new opportunity to get your heart right with Jesus, to feed your soul good food, to clarify your life and bring you amazing Joy!

Start Commanding your Morning with creating a routine for you!

Weekly Scripture

"Your Mercies are New Every Morning, Great is your Faithfulness"

Lam. 3:22-23

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Faith is Everything
Faith is Everything
25. Nov. 2020

Thank you sister. ❤ Its true. My desk hasn't been used since 4 weeks ago.... I been in this slump... I just started eating healthy last week. Its helping my stomach problem... I feel more better about myself and life because of it too. Im a busy mom of 2 and currently pregnant so the morning is really only my time to be intimatr with Jesus. And I overlook it when i should take deep advantage. ❤ quiet mornings making me ginger green tea or moringa tea makes me feel so much at peace. Tea with the Lord is so peaceful in the mornings ❤.

Gefällt mir
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