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5 Keys to Bliss

If I had only 5 minutes of your time I'd remind you that time is non-refundable.

So, instead of living in anxiety, or the fear of what others may think, I want to encourage you to live in your Bliss! Living in a place of happiness and great joy. Just think, why would you not allow yourself to be happy, to be full of life and love. To many depressed, anxious, sad, or stuck days will cause us to believe we can't have bliss, but you deserve it and can experience it! Try implementing these 5 keys daily.

Seek God Early

This means, don't delay! Don't say, "when I get older I will take God serious". Take Him serious now, lean in and incline your heart to him now, this will help you along the journey of life. You will have a profound wisdom and grace guiding you.

When you seek God early, you find the life He has for you sooner than later.

Let Go of Perfection

Face it, we are all struggling with sin. We are human, we all have flaws, struggles and different battles in every season of life. We will not be perfect and we will not always be certain in our life or decisions, but we can be certain that God is with us, guiding us and protecting us.

Letting go of perfect allows for the perfect Grace of God to come in and take the weight off of life!

Don't Cast Judgement

Now, I would love to say I've never done this, but I have and many of it I regret. We must remember the way we judge others is the exact same way we will be judged, and the way we have grace towards others is the same we will experience grace. We must realize, everyone God loves, and everyone God desires to see flourish. We must not cast judgement to others, but instead give advice and liberate them. Seek to empower them and not bring them down. Realize you may be there to drop a seed or water a seed, but it's God who brings the harvest.

We empower, exhort, encourage, and assist. God will do the rest.

Give to Others

This is the major key to a better life. This doesn't mean to give only money, but give your time, your gift, your talents, your wisdom, your joy, your insight, or whatever else you feel called to give. When we give to others we bless them and in return we are blessed.

The giver is one who does not allow the things of this world to control them, because everything belongs to God.

Have A God-given Vision

This is a life-changer. When you have a vision, it dictates your life. If a guy invites you to a bar, and you are a woman with a vision, you most likely won't go if it doesn't align with your vision. If a friend wants to partner with you for a new business venture. If it doesn't align with your vision you won't comply. However, when you have no vision, you will say yes to many things.

Having a vision, will change your friends, hobbies, goals, and future. Always have a vision.

I challenge your to follow your Bliss everyday this week, push pass the pain of your mind, heart or body and choose to do 1 thing today that brings you great joy!

Weekly Scripture

"He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along. He has given me a new song to sing..."

Psalm 40:2

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