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3 Things that my Mother taught me for Ministry

My Mother has never held a microphone to publicly speak, nor has she done any ministerial work, but in her own everyday life, she has revealed her personal ministry. So, today I am sharing 3 things that my Mama taught me for Ministry.

1. Serve Out Loud My Mother always has served. Since her childhood, she took care of younger sisters and made sure chores were done. She had a gift to serve at a very young age. Unsurprisingly, she became a nurse and over 8 years later she enjoys helping and serving her patients/residents. Looking at her everyday life she serves in my family, job, and friends and random outsiders. Her natural gift to serve empowers me to serve out Loud. Her biggest tip is to serve expecting nothing, just do it.

2. Overwhelming Love My Mother has loved me and stood by me at my darkest. At my young rebellious stage, she kept loving me. Also, when I was in an unhealthy relationship she still stood by me. My Mamas overwhelming love showed up with her words of encouragement, kindness, and service. No matter how much I went against her she always poured love on me. She has taught me to love others even in their darkest moments, to give mercy and compassion freely.

3. Always Start Again After a big failure in college, my Moms service, love, and advice were needed. I felt lost, shattered, and unworthy. However, she encouraged me to Start Again! To not give up or give in, but take responsibility and move forward with my life. In ministry certain ideas failed and, I hit many financial road bumps, however after every struggle, I remembered to start again.

My mother has shown me through her own life that being a woman in ministry I need to Serve Out Loud, Stay Overwhelmed in Love, and To Always encourage others to Start Again.

Happy Mother's Day, I Love You Mama!

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