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1 Year Anniversary + Free E-Book

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

On this day last year, I stepped out on faith and launched this ministry. With 600 youtube subscribers and barely any money I did it. I did a women's event on my campus and about 15 ladies showed up and I empowered them through inspiration and the Word of God. At the end of the event, I launched my Ministry. I was on such a high of God that night, I was so shocked I really did it. With fear and all, it Launched! The website was running smoothly and I was beyond excited, but launching meant I had to start at ground zero. The only person on my email list was my Mama for the first few weeks (shoutout to my Mama!). Months later it still didn't have the big numbers like I had imagined and I got discouraged. I remember thinking "what if no even reads these blogs you put so much effort into?". The truth was people were, but I just didn't see the immediate results.

As I sit and reflect 1 year later all I can say is "Thank You, Lord". Launching this ministry opened up doors that I hadn't imagined. It has helped and reached others I never could've on my own. Women from all around the world and different walks of life come here week after week reading and sharing content and for that I am Grateful.

The first year was about laying a foundation with God. Building your faith and getting Healing was a ongoing theme for year 1.

Year 2 is all about getting empowered!

Becoming stronger and more confident in God to fulfill your God-given purpose.

I am excited to embark on year 2 and to empower you through the Word of God! This is for His Daughter's.

For the 1 Year Anniversary, we have an amazing new freebie for you to download and get empowered!

Let's Start This New Season in the Secret Place!

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