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Jan 27, 2019
Hi Lola, I'm so sorry for responding late, but there's a scripture somewhere in Proverbs, perhaps you can google it," A RIGHTEOUS PERSON falls down 7 times and 7 times GETS BACK UP"! Remember, the Bible isn't literally saying that this person only falls down 7 times and that's it, but it's a figure of speech and because our God loves expressing facets of his characters through numbers or numerology(in a HOLY WAY, not the way the world uses numbers) 7 seems to be his special number. 7 represents completeness, perfection and finality. So I said all that to say, Don't focus on how dirty you think you are or worthless bc that's a trick of the enemy playing off your human emotions and trying to keep you stuck in sinful cycles. Get your emotions in line with what God's Word really says about WHO you are, which is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God in Jesus Christ according to 2 Corinthians 5:21. Jesus took all that dirtiness and shame of yours, so don't you dare take it back! Don't keep allowing your human emotions to whisper its LIES OVER YOU in your thoughts! The enemy loves that. STOP whatever your doing that you know is wrong and ask the Father to help give you the strength to overcome through the tangible power of the Holy Spirit! Find scriptures in wherever you struggle and both MEDITATE and PRAY those over yourself in your quiet time with God. Before this gets too long, last thing I want you to know is I will be touching/agreeing with you for God to HONOR all of your godly requests for hairgrowth, more tangible power to overcome any bad devices(myself included bc your not alone --- we all struggle with something) and overall for you to see more tangible breakthrough in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE! God Bless you and just start from somewhere bc he knows your REAL HEART and he will reward all your real efforts with moving forward!
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