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When God Leaves You Speechless, Dance

In today's society dancing is a way of expression through different cultures. We see various type of dancing through different personalities and genre of music.I love music and as a little girl dancing was one of my past times with my sister. We would spend our weekends making up new dance moves and couldn’t wait to show and teach our friends. Dancing was a way of us expressing ourselves and it brought a lot of joy and laughter.

Now, I am no longer that little girl who danced her weekends away in the bedroom that she shared with her older sister. Busy schedules and college classes were now my reality and the last thing on my mind would be to dance. As life went on I lost my desire to dance and the song of my heart changed, my childlike spirit was drowned out by some of life's hardships.

Eventually, I grew in faith and began serving God still without that childlike spirit, I began hosting bible studies on my campus every thursday, and I would see some amazing things. Not, only a group of people's faith strengthened, but I seen the power of God. Before I knew it God started to leave me speechless. Somethings I couldn’t explain or get the words for. Until one day I had no words so I began dancing again. No longer dancing to the rhythm of music, but allowing my heart to dance to the rhythm of God's love. His goodness was revealed in many of my lowest moments, that I would have no words, but I would dance. I would dance like no one was looking. Although, I might’ve looked crazy from someone on the outside looking in… I was right where I was supposed to be, praising my God with the childlike faith. Dancing like when I was that little girl, but now dancing for God. Dancing to His beat for my life.

This would continue to happen in my little college dorm room. Although, I had many trials, God still would pick any random day to leave me speechless and when He did, I would dance like no one was watching.

Have you ever seen a little kid dance? They dance to their own beat and could care less about the rhythm or the moves, they enjoy every part of it, by embracing the moment and who they are.

You to can dance with God, not with the fear of being critiqued, but being exactly what God created. Dancing is another way of praising and revealing your joy for the Lord.

Sweety, When God Leaves You Speechless, Dance!

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