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Walking in Faith

Sitting in a half-empty office, I hear the conversations of others as they walk by. Inward questions and doubts run through my mind. Did I really do the thing? Did I do what I was supposed to be doing? The reality is that this faith has many highs and lows. And the low moments are what make us. The low moments keep us close to the heart of the FATHER.

Honestly, I would love to tell you this journey has been easy and that I’ve just flowed and trusted God the entire way, but I haven't. I’ve cried, I’ve shouted, and I’ve wanted to pack up my things and go back to my old life, office, routine, and way of living. But nonetheless, not my will, but His. Not my plans, but His. Not my way, but only His.

Walking in faith is hard, especially when life is hitting you, and you have more questions than answered prayers. But, sis, don’t let up. Push back and keep going in whatever little faith you may have. You may be doubting if God will heal a loved one, or if He will provide for you and your family. Yes, God will do it, so walk in the knowledge that God will do this and only do this. Walk in peace and know that God loves you, He adores you, and that love is yours to experience now.

Today, I want to encourage you that the reality of walking in faith is hard. It takes you rewiring your initial thoughts and focusing on God's words, not your own. This isn’t always easy, but you can make it. You will experience what God has for you. You will, Daughter of God.

Keep walking in faith even when it’s hard.

Weekly Scripture

“Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and the springs of water"

Revelations 14:7

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Thank you for this Word today, It's like you were literally reading the Pages of my life over the past Month. My Faith has been tested so much, There has been some highs and extreme Lows. Whenever I feel like I'm getting 10 steps ahead, something hits me back 20 step backwards. I can Say God has surprised me over the past week and to be honest, it's always one or two small gestures that occurs to know God is still with me. Faith is Important on this Journey and Believing in ourselves as well! Thank you for this Gentle reminder as we start a New Week! I'm always excited for a New day just pray that we stay encouraged.

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