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The Power in Your Vision

Updated: May 11, 2018

Hey Ladies, there's power in your vision. Yes, I know you may think “no not mine” or “I don’t even have a vision”, but you really do. God is always giving us new ideas, images, or even showing us better versions of ourselves. So, you do have a vision and there is power in it. So, find out what you can do to grab ahold of that beautiful vision God has Blessed you with you. The ultimate power in your vision is that God has Blessed you with it!

Stop Overlooking Your Vision

The idea, dream or that little nudge that just won't go away is God trying to impact the lives of others and reroute you onto a more influential path.

"Vision reveals Your Potential".

Purpose For Your Vision

God gives each of us vision for a direction, hope, desire and aim. God wants us to choose a righteous path. He will show us a vision that reflects His goodness and we must embrace all that the vision brings. It brings us hope, fulfillment, excitment, courage, faith and most of all a life worth living.

The Power is You

We can tend to run after someone elses vision, but we must realize that God made us for a certain reason and our visions usually reflect our God-given Purpose. The vision God gives you is yours. It is up to you to move forward in faith.

The Ultimate Power in Your Vision is that God has Blessed You With It!

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