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The Power in Daily Journaling

Updated: May 14, 2018

Hey Ladies, today I am talking about daily journaling. Sharing My Top 3 Tips on Why Daily Journaling is a Must! Especially for women pursuing their God-given Purpose.

Now, many of you all know that I journal every day and I call it "Prayer Journaling". I am sharing with you the amazing benefits of Daily Journaling.


Cleanses You

Releases all those emotions, fears, inadequacies, insecurities, and leaves you feeling free.


Clarifies You

When you are willing to go deep in journaling and share with God all you feelings you began to gain clarity of your life, heartaches, challenges, and much more.


Calls You

Daily Journaling calls you to a intimate place with God that leads you to your God-given Purpose. Daily journaling allows your true heart content to be revealed which will call to fully embrace the Woman God is calling you to be.

Here’s a tip:

Everyday make a designated time to journal. Free of a topic just let your heart and mind wonder and before long you will see the issues and wonders of your life will end up on the pages of your journal. This will bring you healing, deliverance, and direction.

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