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Spiritually Dry

Have you been in a dry place? Has your fire for God ran out? Has God been distant? Has your desires changed and left you in a place of emptiness? Have you felt unworthy, like the biggest sinner in the world? Have you noticed negative thinking? Has anxiety crippled you and is depression always lingering? 

Well, I want to tell you, you are not alone, I have encountered these too recently. I’ve heard ungodly thoughts towards myself, I’ve felt the overwhelming pressure of fear, I prayed and read my Bible and still stepped away with no answers. I longed for days I’d love God again and feel something. 

God knows, I just wanted to feel something for Him other than doubt, disbelief and fear of the unknown. 

When we are in a spiritually dry place it’s usually because we have dormant power living in us. The dormant grace of God is all around us, but not being tapped into. I realized that this is the time not to lay down and just wait for the dry spell to change, but to start using that God-given authority.

First, I began speaking life over myself even when it was hard

Second, I blasted the same praise song over and over that moved me in the spirit

Third, I repented of error and sin in my life

Fourthly, I addressed my fears by realizing that a fear is something that I have not given over to God.

Fifth, I prayed a Specific Prayer for my life and areas that cause me stress.

Sixth, I rested in God slowed down and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Seventh, I received the Anointing of God again.

Now, the anointing is from God and He makes it available to all of us, only we have to tap in to receive it. We must give God our whole heart, our whole relationship, our whole health, our whole marriage, our whole finances, our whole vision, our whole purpose, and our whole life is the key to tapping into His Anointing.

When we give God what is rightly His, we get a refreshed spirit and life. The Dry places become like rivers again, flowing with joy, peace and life. We get creative again, exuberant again and are embracing life again.

I want you to come out of the Spiritually Dry places and tap into the Anointing of God.

No more droughts, only a refreshing wind of His Presence.

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,

Acts 3:19

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