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Soaking in His Presence: 7 Days of Prayer

7 Days of Prayer

Incite: Each day find your place of solitude and relax in God's Presence. Seek His face and peace while He leads you into a more intimate place of serenity and pray on the conflicts of your heart. Allow yourself to be led into a drenching presence of peace.

Purpose of Prayer: An intimate conversation with God. A time of openness and honesty. Seeking clarity and direction. Prayer is the root to our faith. The more you pray the stronger you will be in your walk. Prayer has the power to root up, tear down, overcome, replant, and restore. Jeremiah 1:10

Many days prayer would get away from me and I would find my walk with God slowly, depleting. I must be honest prayer is hard when you are in a life of sin or hiding behind walls of emotions and hurt. However, even we are running from God He will still call us to a place of prayer. A time of intimate worship. Even when we can't sing along God will minister to our hearts. He will remove the stony heart of doubt and hurt and replace it with a heart of flesh. A heart that has river of living waters flowing from it. Prayer isn’t you looking up to a big God in the sky saying hi occasionally, but it’s inviting God into your bedroom, closet, car, and every area of your life.

The areas of finances, relationships, desires, work, and daily schedules. Prayer should be that thing that can pull us away from our busy lives to find a nice bench or place of solitude and serenity.

Our prayer life is a reflection of our natural life. If our prayer life is empty then we are empty, overwhelmed, depressed, overworked with a mix of anxiety and doubt. However, when our prayer life is strong and consistent we are strong. We can withstand the storms. We have the courage to step out on faith. We have the trust in God to help others. We have the belief that nothing can deter us from Gods hands.

Yes, if we could all truly see the real power of prayer I am positive we wouldn’t overlook it daily. I’m positive we would pray more than we would check our social media. I am positive we would pray more than we would speak.

Are you depleted? Lost? Fearful? Alone? Depressed? Hurt? Unforgiving? Lukewarm? Lazy? Rude? Hurtful? Negative? Angry? Lustful? Homosexual? Malicious? Gossipy? Or are you in need of Faith? Direction? Healing? Deliverance? Peace? Repentance? Fulfillment?

No matter what we go through our answer is intimate prayer. A time to get along and soak in the presence of God. Our time of quietness and rest in God will restore our soul and fulfill all the dry places. Our lives will become rejuvenated without the additional baggage we had been carrying. Prayer can not only transform your life, but the lives of others. Now, with the wisdom of prayer do not allow a day to go by without working on your prayer life.

A strong prayer life = A strong salvation Life

The Awakened Daughter

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I need to pray more. I need to soak in his presence. Thank you for this much needed post

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