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She Kept Going

I smile right now as I sit at this desk and think about how the place I am in now is exactly what I had prayed for. I remember in 2016 putting the words “nonprofit” on my vision board. I remember in 2017 saving a picture of a pink couch on my old tablet. I remember I wanted to move to a new city and go for my dreams. Well, that didn’t happen overnight. It actually took a lot of time and faith, but even when my car had barely any gas and I had no money, I kept going.

Even when people questioned me and doubted what I was doing in my life, I kept going.

Even when 2 years passed and nothing seemed to be growing, I kept going.

Even when the vision got blurry and I got discouraged, I kept going.

Even when I had no money, only a dream, I kept going.

I want you to see the key to your success, to your next breakthrough, to your better version, is to decide that no matter what, you will continue to keep going.

Maybe you wonder where I kept going, too?

I kept going, kept trusting, kept loving, and kept believing in the Lord.

I believed with my heart that God called me and put visions inside of me and that even if I was unqualified, I would make it.

I’ve learned from trial and error that there are many things that you can go after in this life, but nothing will ever compare to going after Jesus Christ.

I want you to know that in all this time, these things I did desire, but I didn’t seek those things. I sought Jesus, and He gave me those things for which I desired.

We all must decide to not put our hope and trust in natural things but in Jesus Christ.

The solution, the answer, the revelation is that if you keep going in the Lord, you will reap a harvest of good. I know this to be true. My life isn’t perfect, I still struggle and have setbacks, but there's a confidence I have in God that no powers, no demon, no person can keep me from Jesus.

You might’ve fallen, struggled, got stuck, or were hurt, but Jesus will say, “And She Kept Going!”

That is what we must strive for, for the challenges to be more of a reason to continue to keep going.

May you be encouraged to keep going in the Lord and let nothing stop You!!


" Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates."

Proverbs 31:31

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I will keep going in Jesus name. A much needed word 💕


Aki Fakalelu
Aki Fakalelu
May 25, 2020

Loved todays blog post! It also came right on time too! I definitely will keep on going! :)

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