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Shaky Ground

You are afraid. You haven't moved. You are stuck standing still when God has already given you multiple signs to move forward. Have you ever been here? Yeah me too!

You are not alone in the bondage of fear, it will handicap you and put you in positions of much doubt and confusion. However, the fear has a hold on you and so does your perception. Many of us sit here asking and waiting on God for an open door or opportunity. "Lord, where is my blessing?" I remember at times I would ask God "where is my gain?" "When will You open up the door for me to speak to more people and travel?" The answer was plain. "I have given you everything to get you there and you aren't using it. I have given you a laptop, camera, wifi, and lastly a message. You choose to over look these resources and wonder when is my blessing coming, when your blessing is already here. Everything you need you have right in front of you." That response changed my view. No longer was I going to waste away waiting for my blessing. I was now willing to use what I had to bring more blessings. I saw that my perception was wrong. I just thought one day God would open up the floodgates of heaven and BAM, I would be doing everything I dreamed of. Well, not exactly. God prepares and develops us step by step. My resources were all around me and I failed to see them that way. My eyes only could see where I wasn't and not where I was.

I was in the perfect position to work towards my dreams.

I was in the perfect place to build my faith.

I was on the perfect platform to share my story.

I was actually not standing on Shaky Ground as I previously thought.

Our shaky ground is due to the unknown territory which makes us worry about how things will work out. We are so afraid of "what if I am wrong" we tend to overlook all the "right" that is in front of us. God has made provision for you! He has strategically prepared your blessings and He knows which blessing you must utilize to get you to the next level in Him.

Don't get caught up looking for your next blessing while you miss the blessings right in front of you. Use what God has given you today, to get you closer to the vision of tomorrow.

Are you walking on Shaking Ground? Don’t be afraid, only believe (Mark. 5:36). God is with you and He is strengthening you.

Soon you will see that the Shaky Ground is actually Holy Ground.

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-Morgan Tracy J.

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