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Reset with God

The Selah Moment gives us a chance to reset; which really means to try again. But this time differently. With a different mindset, a different goal, a clearer focus, a stronger faith, and an inner peace. When we reset we are deciding to embrace the love of God that always gives us a chance to try again. An opportunity to come back better.

We all need a reset button, an invisible button that we can hit when we get overly lax in our walk with God, in our college classes, in our marriage, and in our faith.

The reset button is invisible, but it is always around waiting for you to just hit it and try again, but this time with God.

The Selah Moment isn’t meant to be intricate or even time-consuming.

It’s meant to give you hope in your time of need.

It’s meant to give you peace while anxiety is trying to attack.

It’s meant to give you joy while struggling.

It’s meant to give you clarity while pursuing.

It’s meant to give you strength when you’re weak.

It’s meant to give you confidence when you feel unworthy.

And It’s meant to give you love when you need it the most.

The Selah Moment is a new chance for God to do something new in you. Not when you are at the altar on a Sunday morning or at a Women’s Conference, but when you are in your kitchen washing dishes or heading to work early in the morning, while walking to class or even while doing your everyday life routine during these day-to-day moments you can live in God's Presence.

Embrace Your Selah Moment Today by Resetting!


"Put on your new nature, created to be like God--truly righteous and holy." Eph. 4:24

Prayer Journaling Questions

Today what is God calling you to Reset in your life?

What new nature would you like to put on today?

How Can You use the Reset Method Today?

Download the Selah Study!

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