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Pursuing Your Vision

Choosing to pursue your vision starts with

  • God

  • Passion

  • Plan

Although many plans will change over time we must start somewhere. Planning has always been apart of my everyday life. From my college seasons to my after college life planning and strategizing has been pivotal steps to a more productive day.

Our days can go by so quick that we feel as if we are just living a routine life. However, if you set goals it will help you reach your vision. Choosing to plan daily you will see your goals come to life. Each goal should lead you closer to your vision.

Note: Start by writing a daily to do list which will help you in completing your tasks (Ex. Bible Study, Prayer, Workout)

Without a vision, the people perish (Prov. 29:18). This is true on so many levels. Before my vision, I would spend every weekend partying. I would spend much time napping and plotting on my weekend plans.

However, when my vision came

  • direction came

  • fire came

  • hunger came and

  • purpose was birthed

Having a vision began to organize my life and get rid of the unnecessary distractions. Having the God given vision gave me a drive and a reason to get up daily.

I was willing to walk the path no matter how hard or dark it would get because I knew Gods vision would prevail. I knew that no matter the battles I would come out alive and I would make it to my land of milk and honey. I knew it and each day that I woke, I would rise and continue to complete the tasks to get closer to my vision.

Be of Good cheer, even when others may laugh. Even when others may judge you for working and working without any results keep going. Keep pursuing your vision. It is coming and God will protect and sustain you the entire way.

Each day continue to pursue your vision one tasks at a time.

Get the Free Printable Download to help you organize your week and get closer to your vision:

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