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Night Routine Advice

To have a powerful and purposeful morning, start with a great night routine. This might sound odd, but my morning routine isn’t powerful unless my night routine was on point. This doesn’t mean the house is spotless, or that I fell asleep right on time, but it means that I am in control of my evening and the pace that will lead me to more peaceful mornings.

First, I have a wind down time.

This is the time I close the curtains, do the final dog walk, and begin to set up my night. This is a great way to program my body for a consistent routine.

Second, I tidy up at least one area.

This can be a counter area, the dishes, picking up the dog toys, or cleaning up my desk. Just simply picking up one area can be very helpful to getting my day heading in the right direction.

Third, I pick out my clothes.

This helps take a little thinking time away from my mornings. If my workout clothes are already laid out, it helps me to not overthink or talk myself out of it. This one thing makes a big difference in my morning routine.

Fourth, I plan my next day/to-do lists.

This is key! I used to wake up and then figure out all I had to do, but instead I plan the next day during the night. I prioritize tasks, and add notes, quotes, and scripture to inspire me to handle business the next day.

Fifth, I journal and reflect over my day.

I love to journal about my day with gratitude, thanking God for the beauties of the day. I like to journal the small moments that made me smile. I like to journal about the moments that I got down on myself, and how I overcame it. I love to journal about the real and rawness of life. The lonely moments and even the glorious moments that made it all worthwhile.

Having a night routine that you put into place will lead you into a powerful morning routine. They go together, and you are welcome to adjust it to fit your life. Don’t worry about missing the mark...the only mark is you being the best version of yourself.

So, build a strong night routine to have an even greater morning.

Powerful Mornings Start at Night!

Weekly Scripture

"Rise Up & Shine, for your light has come. The shining-greatness of the Lord has risen upon you"

Isaiah 60:1

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