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Never Gave Up!

2017 is the year I never gave up. The year when my faith was shaken, my foundation was removed, my hope was gone, my dreams were foggy, and my life was grey. Through all the low moments, I never gave up. My heart wouldn’t let me. Every time I came across another mountain every part of my being wanted to run back to what I once knew. My previous cop outs were sex, men, validation, and drinking. But I persisted in not giving up or giving in.

Struggling Moments

When finances were little to none and judging eyes glanced at me, I never gave up. When advice always stemmed to me putting my dream on hold, I never gave up. When life got hard and I cried out to God, I never gave up. When numbers were low and faith was even lower, I never gave up. When depression held me daily, I never gave up. When heartbreak continued to remind me of the pain inside, I never gave up. When naysayers would belittle me, I never gave up. When things got hard and I could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel, I never gave up.

Similiar Challenges

My story could be similiar to yours, you may have shed many tears, overcame many hurts and encountered natural disasters. Maybe you needed inner healing and battled depression. You may have had a financial crisis and or death of loved ones or relationships. No matter who you are or how your 2017 went YOU NEVER GAVE UP!

That is something worth being praised. You are still standing and still strong. Have eyes of awe when you reflect over your year and see all the highs and lows you made it through and came out better!

Take Away!

Today, acknowledge that through this year of Hills and Valleys you kept fighting, believing, and hoping and you Daughter of God are powerful!

2018, I pray you choose to never give up. To withstand the fire and fight and stay true to the better version of you!

May you never give up!

- Founder, Morgan Tracy J.

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