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Made for More

Sitting at my desk in my quiet office, with sticky notes all around me and a lot of tasks to do. I realize that I have a lot of responsibilities on my plate today. Even at times when all these feel like burdens, I have to remind myself that I prayed for this. I prayed and believed that God made me for more. I knew my lifestyle of sin, drinking, and smoking habits was not all there was. I knew at the age of 22, God created and called me for more than I was currently living up to. 

Now, over eight years later, I have clarity about the burdens in my life. The things that I call burdens are God's blessings. The long to-do list is God opening doors and blessing me with opportunities. Maybe you look at your life and see the weight of your responsibilities all around and the areas in you continue to fall short. I challenge you to change your perspective. 

You’re not lost, you’re finding yourself. 

You’re not behind in life, you’re right on track for this current phase of your life.

You are not having a mid-life crisis, you are having a mid-life awakening. 

You’re not walking this path alone, you are walking by faith and not by sight.

You're not burdened down, you are overwhelmed by answered prayers. 

Our hardships have a different name when we can easily see the area we are currently in is an area we once prayed for.

See, years ago I prayed for More of God. 

He gave me healing. 

I prayed to help women.

He gave me a ministry. 

I prayed to be happier.

He moved me near family

I prayed for peace.

He removed things from my life.

I prayed for direction and guidance.

He brought me new people in my life.

I prayed for my dreams to come true.

He brought a season of crisis that required me to step up to the plate of life. 

I share this with you because I don’t want you to let your blessing become a burden, and don’t allow the answered prayers to be overlooked. At times I've watched my very ministry become a burden. I would be overwhelmed and running on fumes. Until I could slow down and realize the very things that are crushing me are the things I prayed for. I didn’t know the crushing would come with it, but my prayer was answered. I hope that you realize that your burdens, hardships, setbacks, and crisis seasons are all more of a sign that God has Made You for More.

Weekly Scripture


“We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.”

2 Corinthian 4:9


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