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Living Worship

Psalm 108:1

"O God, I am ready to praise you. I will sing and rejoice before you."

A life of worship isn't just merely raising your hands or singing the newest Hillsong music. It is bigger than the microphone or the stage full of lights. It is far bigger than the crowds and catchy hooks. True worship is a deep feeling of respect and admiration for God. It is an inner cry of your heart, that shouts "Thank you Lord" even when you can't! This worship may not be every day, but you can find serene moments of gratitude which will lead you to worship.

Worship doesn't start on Sunday morning at the church house nor does it start by singing your favorite song, true worship starts in your heart. Starts with your thoughts. Starts with your perseverance.

How we worship God effectively is by revealing the worship we do in our secret time with God in every day of our lives. It is in the secret place that we build a life of worship. It is in the lonely moments when we get the perseverance to praise God no matter the circumstances. It is in the depressing moments that we break free when we decide to worship God regardless of our feelings. True worship starts in the secret place and manifests into our everyday lives.

A life of Worship is not always easy and it is not always chills and the overwhelming presence of God, but it is strengthening, chain breaking and empowering. Embracing worship starts with allowing it to be apart of your everyday life. That is Living Worship!

Embrace your secret place and Worship like never before!

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