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Leave Her Alone

Instagram feeds, preaching sermons and edited YouTube videos can really give off a perception that this Christian Walk is Glamorous. It can portray that after you walk with God awhile you get all that you want and He blesses you with a Huge purpose and brings it to fruition in months.

That is far from the truth. This journey is not glamorous. When serving God you have to deny your flesh, fast, obey, stop when you want to go, let go when you want to hold on, sacrifice when you desire to be selfish, and love abundantly when you would rather not.

When doing Gods work people may question..

"why do you go so hard?"

"You do all that to receive nothing" or

"You don't make any sense", but don't let their words deter you from what God is calling you to do.

In John chapter 12 Mary sat at Jesus's feet and anointed Him with costly oil. The disciples murmured amongst themselves, wondering why waste this on Jesus.

Jesus states "Let Her Alone, She has done a good work for me"

As we find ourselves walking with Jesus, people may not understand us nor our purposes, but it's up to us to hold on to the Words of Christ.

He understands what you are doing.

He knows why you are still praying.

He knows why you are still seeking.

He understands why you go so hard.

He knows you have nothing else, but Him.

If no one else understands, Jesus does.

Be Encouraged this week to stand boldly in what God has called you to do and when fear or doubt come creeping in, remember Jesus's words...

"Leave her alone," Jesus replied. for she has done a good work for me"

John 7:12 Matthew 26:10

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