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How to be FEARLESS Everyday

We are still in our Fearless Summer Season 2023! If you missed the beginning of it, don't worry! This isn’t the only time you may be called to be #Fearless.

I’m here to share with you an encouraging tip on living every day without fear. It’s a tough task to do, of course. We face different situations every day that may challenge us and force us out of our comfort zones. Take me, for example. I drive to work every day. Monday through Friday, and every other Saturday. My biggest fear was driving on the expressway. I was terrified of the thought of driving my car 40 minutes away! I even went to my therapist with this concern. But what else was there for me to do? Bills have to be paid and there is no other way to work.

What did I do? How did I overcome this phobia to be fearless every day?

First, I remembered what the Bible told me…that God is with me wherever I go. And, just a reminder to anyone who needs to know, God's Word is true. God is a God that cannot lie, so if the Bible tells us He will never leave us, it is so. Secondly, I repeated a scripture over and over in my head, and even sticky-noted it to my dashboard.

Daughter, I’m not sure what fear you face, but I promise you, you are a conqueror. And you can do all things through Christ. The tips that helped me with this fear are the same tips I will leave with you:

1.) Take this fear up with God (ask Him to help you conquer it and to remove any anxiety you face)

2.) Find a Scripture for you to quote and believe every day

3.) Seek Wisdom from those around you

4.) Believe in You!

Daughter, you've got this! Happy Fearless Season.


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This Blog was written by HDC Blog Coordinator Tacaria Bates

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