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Here lately I've risen early for a calm, peaceful morning with God. This time in the morning has allowed me to tap into a more centered, calm, excited side of myself. Having this personal time allows me to tap into the greatness inside of me.

You may feel like there is no greatness in you, but there is. You just haven’t embraced it yet.

However, I want to challenge that today GREATNESS lives inside each of us who believes. Greatness runs so deep that we can look back into our youthful years and see that greatness had a stamp on our lives even then.

Maybe you may think, “I can't be great! What's so great about going to the same job over and over again?” But even there you can awaken to your greatness.

From the age of 15 to 18, I worked at a local grocery store. That job seemed pointless to me. But today, I’m so grateful for that job. It taught me to go for my dreams. It taught me to believe that I could do more than just be the grocery sacker. It gave me the work ethic and the grit that I use every day in the ministry.

See, we don't have to create our greatness, we just have to reawaken and discover the potential living inside of us. Your greatness is from the greatness of Christ. The same spirit of Jesus is now in you! You can do great and mighty things, you just have to believe it.

Today, sit down and call forth the greatness that has become hidden inside of you due to life. Maybe you desired to go back to school, own your own business, create a fashion line, do D.I.Y. projects, buy a new home, or whatever else. It's your time to believe in God for it due to His GREATNESS.

Weekly Scripture


"Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."

JOHN 14:12

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