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Go In Peace

Stepping into your greatness you must have Peace. When you go in peace you move forward in the security, well-being, or assurance of God. You pick the college in peace, you sign the child up for daycare in peace, you take the new job in peace, or you take that leap of faith in peace, Knowing God will catch you. Move forward into the next season of life in peace knowing that God has Made You for Greater.

Go in Peace.

When we Go in Peace we decide to push past the fears, insecurities or stories we have retold ourselves. We choose to get desperate to Make a Change and trust that is God pulling us into new territory with Himself. You may be preparing to head to college, or back to school, a new job, or moving to a new place. No matter where you go, or what season you are in, You can Go in Peace.

Peace is an inner assurance that you don't need all the details, but you can rest right now in what God is doing.

For me, this peace has not always been easy to come by. I would re-tell myself ugly stories, and I lived with an inner shame of failures, weight gain, and bad decisions. I allowed the guilt and shame to keep me from living in peace. Anxiety was a huge sign that peace I no longer had. A peace that surpasses all understanding, I didn't have... until one day, laying prostrate on my office floor drowning in tears and fears of the uncertain future, at that moment, I realized I couldn't do anything, but trust God.

Trust that He would turn things around.

Trust that even in the midst of the issues He would bring forth good fruit.

Somehow on that office floor drenched in tears and fears... Peace came and it wasn't a miraculous miracle. I finally broke through my fear, guilt, insecurities and trusted God completely.

The fear of uncertainty left, but the reality was that I was still laying on the floor with unanswered prayers, but somehow at that moment, I got the extra strength I needed to Go In Peace. Within the next few days, I experienced a peace I had never felt. My circumstances didn't change, but I did. I was no longer willing to hide in guilt nor was I willing to tell myself the same sad story. I learned that the entire time I was waiting on God to bless me... He was waiting for me to receive the blessing. The blessing came when I trusted Him and was now able to Move forward in Peace and Recieve the Blessing that God had for me all along.

Today, no matter the decisions, fears, or uncertainties, you to can Go In Peace.

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