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Finding Your Inner Esther

“Finding Your Inner Esther” is a journey of acknowledging the key principles to truly walking in your royalty.

How This Works

Each week you will come back to the Blog and watch the video or Audio created by Morgan Tracy J. Once you watch the video, we will have questions for you to answer in comment section of the post.

To Participate in the Online Study:

  1. Be sure to sign up to the "His Daughter’s Closet" email list.

  2. Weekly email reminders will be sent to you.

  3. Leave comments and or feedback during each session.


Throughout this 3-session Bible Study participation is acknowledged. The women that participate will be eligible for a giveaway and also all women will be sent freebies straight to your email!

I Look forward to helping you in Finding Your Inner Esther!

The Awakened Daughter

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