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Fight for Your Word

At the end of 2022, God gave me my word for the year "Next Level". I walked into 2023 excited, eager, and ready. Then reality hit, and nothing in my life looked like the word, but more like the opposite of that word. I felt lost, I felt scared. I felt discouraged when trails started to come left and right. Fear began to grip my heart, tired eyes, empty prayers, and even an emptier faith.

I watched people walk away, ministry accounts go lower and lower, and found myself doing so much that I couldn't even take a day off.

I was on a short fuse and I watched my tired body and spirit begin to take a toll on me. Everything felt so heavy, the ministry didn't feel joyous, but burdensome.

Until one day in prayer, I heard the Lord say "fight for your Word". I was stunned because somehow I knew this word was coming to me. Now fighting for it wasn't in the plans...

I wanted to grab my boxing gloves but that's not the fight God was speaking about. He needed me to fight my comfort zone.

My current level of faith.

My current work ethic.

My current joy and peace.

The Word will come to pass, but I have to fight for it. When my reality looks the opposite of the Word God gave me, it was time to speak it over and over. It was time to work like it was already here. It was time to believe. It was time to look for the opportunities I had been praying for.

I want to encourage you to not get discouraged if your Word for the year looks the opposite. It's not time to doubt, but it's time to fight with prayer, prophesying, and with fasting.

It's time to fight with your faith. Show God you really believe His Word. This week send an email. Text that friend, prepare that flyer, write the blog or shoot the video. Show God you believe his word and you will fight with faith.

This is your time to go fight for the Word. Your promise is yours, just move in faith and watch everything shift.

Weekly Scripture


So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

Romans 10:17


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