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Fatherless Daughters (Prayer Journal Prompt)

Fatherless Daughters Hosea 14:3 “...for in you alone, O Lord, the fatherless find mercy.”

Growing up without my biological father I often felt like something was missing. Even as I grew older I wanted to have that ideal father-daughter relationship. I saw friends and their fathers, but I never had that and desperately wanted it.

Throughout the years my heart grew cold towards my father. He wasn’t active in my life and missed monumental steps and I didn’t understand why. My heart was angry with him for many years and then it went into a numbness. I no longer allowed myself to feel. I wasn’t angry or sad, I just couldn’t feel for someone I didn’t know.

Being fatherless played a big role in my relationship choices. I was always looking for a Father figure in men and I always ended up more hurt in the end.

Until I met God.

Through this journey of meeting God, I saw that in all the areas my biological Father fell short God provided through other people and outlets. He gave me an amazing Grandfather that first introduced me to the faith.

When I walked with God my eyes got clearer and I finally saw compassion. I realized through all my backsliding and harbors way God still loved me. He called me back over and over again. And that same Love I should have towards my biological Father. Even if He never attempted a relationship. Even if He never called me or told me He loved me I was going to love Him.

I learned that I treated God the same way my Father had treated me. Distant, ignored and rejected. I would be distant towards God. I would ignore his guidance and wisdom and I rejected Him time and time again. That understanding was through the mercy of God.

That once cold heart God brought compassion. That once numb feeling God brought love. And that once back sliding hurt girl God brought wisdom.

Today, if you are Fatherless naturally or spiritually don’t worry God is always calling you back to Him and He can be your ultimate Father. No matter the hurt or fear He can take your heart of stone and make it a heart of love.

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