Do It In Grace

On April 26, 2016 I launched the Ministry and had so much momentum! I was excited and eager for all God was going to do! A few months later with only 10 woman signed up on the email list and 1 of them being my Mother I felt discouraged. I knew the vision was going to be big, but my eyes wasn't seeing it.

I began thinking I was doing something wrong.. so I started writing 3 pieces of content a week. It was hard and I always felt behind. I quickly seen that I no longer was working in grace, but in myself.

Working in Grace is all about doing your daily work, but still being able to see the big picture. Many of us find ourselves frustrated with life when we no longer can see the big picture. The big picture is the purpose behind why you do what you do.

I forgot the purpose wasn't to gain a huge following, but to help each woman that came on the website. When I remembered the purpose, I stopped focusing on the audience I wanted and began pouring into the audience I had.

As everyday women, we get weak, exhausted and overwhelmed, but Gods power is perfected in our weakness. Gods power is revealed when we are working towards the mission. Gods power is flowing through us in our weakest moments to carry out His purpose. As we work, our goal is to work in Grace.

Grace is mercy, freeness, and favor that has been granted to us through God. No matter if we are chasing the toddler, studying for the exam, or working long hours on the job, we can do it in grace. We can do it with peace and mercy!

I have learned that the journey will get hectic at times, but to never lose sight of the purpose and to always choose mercy + kindness with myself and others.

Today with over 1,000 women on the email list. I smile because it was Grace that brought me here. Not my words, nor my effort. All through the Grace of God.

Whatever You Do, Do it In Grace!


“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men”

(Col. 3:23)

“My Grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness”

(2 Cor. 12:9)


Hi Lord, thank you for a new day and new opportunity to get it right. Thank you for my health and I thank you for the work and responsibilities you’ve given to me. I Thank you for seeing me fit to fulfill each position. Mother, Daughter, Student, Auntie, Worker, or any other title, Lord I thank you for the many titles. May you guide me through this journey to see that it’s not just for me, but this work, this title, this position has a purpose. Please give me the courage to walk worthy of your call. May your grace wrap me in sweet serenity and may I learn to walk out every task, every need, every overwhelming moment in grace!


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