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Confession is Freedom

Finding time in your everyday schedule to journal the words on your heart is actually life-changing. The way we stay captive is by hiding and acting like the issues that plague our hearts doesn’t exist. Many people today get addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex and many more things to run away from the true feelings inside.

When I would drink in college I was doing it most of the time to run away from my feelings. Run away from the heartbreak of the past lovers. Runaway from bad decisions I made that brought me shame and guilt. I would run away into the arms of things that made me feel better. A man, a drink, a club, etc.

My life began to change when I would sleep with a notebook by my bed. I would begin to write down some of my most intimate feelings in my journal. Even when I would wake up late in the night my heart would be crying words and feelings that I couldn’t understand. So, writing became my outlet to acknowledge the darkest parts of myself. I didn’t have the courage to share with people all my past mistakes, but in my journal, I would write my heart's content as tears would fall on the pages.

Writing my most insecure parts gave me power over them. When I stopped hiding my hurts inside, but began sharing them in my writing my faith grew, my hunger grew, and I began to love the woman I was becoming.

My freedom came through confession. I didn’t know it at the time, but God knew. I was confessing my sins to Him through writing my hurts and He began healing the broken parts of me.

Prayer journaling opened up my closet full of bones and brought back to life all the dead places within me.

I realized that Confession is Freedom!

"My most unfiltered prayers are in my Prayer Journal." - Morgan Tracy J.

Prayer Journaling Can Help You Too!

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