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Hey, it is the month of love! Join the movement to pour love back into yourself this month with the Choose Her Challenge.​

It's very easy to plan deadlines, cooking schedules, and daily to-do lists, but rarely do we take time to plan and schedule "Us Time". From experience I too would neglect myself and personal needs while allowing everyone else and every other task to get completed.

Well, this is the month of change. The month where you begin planning and making effort to show yourself, love.

Choose Her means to choose the better version of you and this month we are focusing on all women getting uplifted and empowered to becoming their better version in 2018.

How you join this movement is by taking a photo using the hashtag #ChooseHerChallenge whenever you are choosing the better version of you and post it to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to inspire other women.

Whenever you are cooking a healthy meal, doing a facial, going for a jog, walking your dog, prayer journaling, or taking time to feel beautiful. Love on yourself and capture a photo while using the #ChooseHerChallenge hashtag to uplift other women.

This Month Take time to pour love on yourself by doing the things that make you better in your faith, relationships and calling.

Today and Everyday Choose Her!

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