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Change Your Garment

After I finally stopped looking for a bag of clothes that got lost... it was found, over a year-long journey. When I pulled them out, some things were cute, while others were no longer my style.

I realized the issue with trying to put on old garments is that it’s no longer you. So you can wear a certain thing, do a certain thing, but while you're doing it you know it's just not you anymore.

You try to force yourself into something, that doesn't fit you, but you are determined to wear it.

The loud colors may be beautiful, but what setting will you be able to wear them in again? These old garments remind me that sometimes you gotta let it all go! They were from a previous season, but now you don’t need them, they once played a role in your life, but now, you got new garments, and those garments reflect the now You.

The new and improved you!

The one that now loves herself, the one that has stopped settling, the one that has a heart for God, The one that has a vision and is pursuing it daily. Yes, those old garments don't come close to this new one that you wear daily.

Clean out your closet and get rid of the old, dingy, non-fitting, non-flattering pieces that you’ve allowed to crowd up your life!

You deserve more, you deserve to wear something that makes you feel beautiful, worthy, wanted, adored, and loved!

Clear it out naturally and spiritually. Today, choose to leave the old garments in your life alone, that's not who you are anymore. The shame or guilt isn’t you!

Clothe yourself in a new Garment!

Romans 13:14

“Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.”

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