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Breakthrough with Prayer Journaling

Over 4 years ago... My sister handed me a journal with pretty writing on the cover that said “Be You, Be Beautiful” not knowing for the next 5 years this would be my window to escape, a secret place to find clarity, serenity and healing.

Prayer Journaling is now a part of my everyday routine. This was a major key that kept me centered in God even when my roommates were throwing parties, I could put my headphones in and get lost in conversation with God. This personally developed me to be better with communicating my feelings with others and it gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable to God.

What Prayer Journaling does for me it gives me freedom from my mind, it pours out all the junk, all the good, bad and ugly. And it leaves room for more of the things I want in it. Like inspirational quotes, verses, prosperity, others, service or whatever else I need to be feeding myself.

This is what Prayer Journaling Will Do for You.

1. It Will Uncover The Issue of the Heart

Years ago, while journaling about my day, somehow my writing shifted to a time where I was hurt by a significant other. Where it made me feel unworthy or not enough. It revealed all the emotions I felt in that season, but it also showed me that I still needed to forgive and let go.

Prayer Journaling Uncovers issues of your heart.

2. It will Release any Shame

After all the wrong I’ve done and major mistakes I’ve made shame would easily track me down. If I saw someone that may remember that previous Morgan I would try to hide my face. I would avoid seeing anyone from High School, because of the weight I gained. I lived in Shame! Shame is a deep-rooted unforgiveness towards yourself or someone else.

Prayer journaling allows you to address these issues and release them to God. Now, if I see someone from my past I kindly greet them. I am not that same person, I am a new creation, and So are You!

3. It will Bring You Freedom

Now, some may think how can writing my feelings, free me? It’s the Holy Spirit at work inside of you. What you don’t address the Holy Spirit can’t heal. If you address the issues of your heart and release any shame that is holding you back then you are free from the excess baggage in your life. You now can flow in harmony with the Spirit of God. You are no longer resisting the issues, but living in the Grace of God.

When you are truly strong is when you’ve acknowledged your weaknesses and released them to God.

Your Next Breakthrough, starts with Prayer Journaling!

Inspirational Scripture

Matthew 6:6

"when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”

Download the Prayer Journal Prompts To Start Your Week Strong!

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