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Believe For Them

I sit in amazement at how one little idea has impacted so many. See, when I got started in the ministry I wondered how the vision was going to change my life. I had all these high hopes and dreams, just wondering and believing.

But then God began putting desires in me to give back to my community, to be the woman that my younger version needed. As I did, the more I saw that the vision wasn’t for my life to change but to change the lives of others. My mind was blown by this revelation! All this time I was working late, creating and crafting, attempting to change my life when God was using all that work to change others’ lives.

Standing in the Broken Bow Public Library with over 30 dresses, and teens about to walk through the door, my heart was so filled with joy. I just wanted them to know that someone actually cares about their struggle, their upbringing, and how they feel. That we care that they are confident in their own skin and feel beautiful. At that moment, watching girls putting on dresses and falling in love with them, I knew my vision wasn’t for me. It was always for them.

That night I laid on my parents’ couch in awe of God once again, that even when I get swarmed by life and become focused on me, He always reveals how it’s way bigger than myself. The vision, the impact, the purpose are way bigger than we can think or imagine.

I want to encourage every woman with a vision, no matter age, ethnicity, or relational status to Never Give Up On Your Vision, Never Sleep on Your Gifts and Never Forget About the Power that Lives in Your Vision, because it’s actually not yours at all. You are just the carrier of it.

The vision in you is for everyone else that will be impacted by it.

So Believe Bigger, Dream Louder and Watch Your Gift Bless Others!


Prayer Scripture

"Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need."

Eph. 4:28

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