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Awaken Your Greatness

Based on the title you could easily think this isn’t for you. Like how can you be great if you just go to work every day, or maybe you are dealing with depression and think how can I be great when I am fighting my mind every single day?

Well, Greatness isn’t about having your name in lights or having a successful business.

Greatness is the People that been to hell and back, but are still fighting!

Greatness is the women who have been abused, but never gave up on love!

Greatness is the people who lived in the pit of sin but decided to crawl their way out!

Greatness is living inside of you, regardless if you see it or not!

Greatness peaks it’s head up no matter your social economic status.

Greatness is living in the woman who lives paycheck to paycheck or the woman with money saved.

No matter who you are God has placed Greatness inside of you.

Now, your job is to be willing to dig deep into God to stir up, awaken, and rediscover your greatness. Rediscover… means you already discovered it! Possibly as a child or maybe in your early twenties, your greatness sparked with ideas, dream, and desires. God says your greatness has stared you in the face for years, but it’s up to you to embrace all that God is Calling You to BE!

Today, Step into the Greatness that lives inside of You, by opening up your heart to God and asking Him to reveal it! He will guide you into the realm of your greatness with open doors that were once shut!

No Door left Unopened, This Your Breakthrough Season for Your Greatness to Be Revealed!

Reawaken To Your Greatness


Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3

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I am stepping into my Greatness


Jul 02, 2019

I am reawakening my greatness! When I don’t feel like greatness I will still press forward!!


Jul 01, 2019

I am greatness!

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